Centennial History, Programs, & Services Podcasts

Centennial: Podcasts

Podcasts will be a regular feature of our Centennial activity schedule.

Our history podcast is the first one shown at Podcast One.  It is a 30-minute review of how we organized, developed, and became a strong and very effective human service organization. It includes historical snapshots, anecdotes and interesting stories about how and why we selected certain services to provide our neighbors. It was developed and presented by Jim McFarland SVdP Communications Director. The photo on the left, (courtesy Seattle Public Library Collection) shows St. James Cathedral in Seattle---the two towers in the background. This History Podcast details our history from 1920 through 2020!


Our second podcast is a review of the very successful Centro Rendu program. Presented by SVdP Executive Director Mirya Munoz Roach, this podcast is a detailed overview of why and how the Centro Rendu program got started and how successful it has become since 2013.

Centro Rendu offers DeColores – a home-base services and readiness program for families with children from birth to five years of age. Centro Rendu also offers Re-Route, a gang prevention/Latino at-risk youth, and family support program.

We have a strong partnership with the Mexican Consulate for literacy programs, primary and secondary certificate completion. Centro Rendu also partners with local colleges for high school completion programs.

There was a lot of need in January of 1920 when Chicagoan Charlie Albert started St. Vincent de Paul here. In many ways the times have not changed --- there is a lot of need today---particularly as communities grow and living expenses climb.

Please note we are doing another five Podcasts that cover volunteering with SVdP and much more!

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