Centennial Resources for our Fifty Plus Volunteer Groups (Conferences)

Centennial Resources for Our Conferences and for Parishes

We call ourselves Vincentians, in honor of our Patron, St. Vincent de Paul. We are organized into conferences, which are neighborhood-based and volunteer-powered groups that serve neighbors in need through person-to-person encounter. Vincentians listen, engage, and build relationships that assist and advocate for individuals and families to meet basic needs and achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

Charlie Albert started our organization in 1920, getting 7 conferences going in the first year. By 1945 there were hundreds of volunteers at over 35 conferences doing all kinds of charitable works.

Today, in 2020, there are over 50 volunteer conferences here in Seattle and King County. Our Vincentian volunteers go in pairs and make 12,500 home visits annually. Vincentians hail from all walks of life, all races, colors, and national origins.

There are another 55 plus conferences in five district councils in Western Washington.

All of our conferences throughout Seattle, King County, and Western Washington always need new faces, fresh perspectives, and open hearts to respond to neighbors who need help.

Want to become a Vincentian?

Contact Hannah Hunthausen, Manager for Vincentian Support and Community Engagement, at Hannah@svdpseattle.org.