Yaqueline, A Centro Rendu of SVdP Family Story

Thank you for sharing this moment with us!

Our 2022 Blue Dress “back in-person” event at Seattle University was a wonderful success!

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Yaqueline, A Centro Rendu of SVdP Family Story, is a true story grounded in the mission of St. Vincent de Paul and inspired by the words of our founders. Like Rosalie Rendu who taught us to go out to homes to listen, to “hunt down poverty”, and to “…aspire to a more complete and longer-lasting benefit; study their abilities, their level of education and try to get them work to help them out of their difficulties.” Blessed Rosalie Rendu

Yaqueline and her family have benefited from multiple SVdP programs, including Centro Rendu’s adult education and early learning programs for young mothers. What Yaqueline doesn’t fully know yet, is how her family has been a blessing to SVdP!

Watch and see what it all means. You will be moved, inspired, and transformed by little Kelly, Yaqueline’s oldest daughter. Her words will pierce your heart with the innocence and love that can only be felt when we encounter each other as members of one human family!

Your financial support and your prayers sustain our mission in the community. Together we create a lasting impact. In addition, for Yaqueline and her daughters, Kelly and Sofia, the impact will have ripple effects for a lifetime.

With humble gratitude for your generosity,

Note: Please feel free to share the story of Yaqueline with your friends, family, and coworkers and to donate through our website www.svdpseattle.org or by texting the words BLUE DRESS to 844.844.6844 until May 24.