2024 Latino Summit

2024 Latino Summit

The 2024 Latino Summit is the first of its kind. It took place on May 15th-16th and it was possible through a partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools, the Office of Hispanic Ministry, Notre Dame University, and Centro Rendu of St Vincent de Paul.

This event celebrated and empowered Catholic school parents, listening to their stories, and providing guidance and insight. It also brought together school leadership, parish staff, parents, and teachers. Latino teachers also had an opportunity to congregate and learn from each other.


At the heart of this collaboration is the Parent Ambassador Model program (PAM) through the support of Centro Rendu, which seeks to train and empower parents to become ambassadors for Catholic education.

Parent Ambassadors join school support structures that help develop action plans for community engagement and increase student enrollment for Hispanic/Latino families and other cultural and ethnic communities.

"The two day training provided space and resources to learn how to better embrace, educate, and empower Latino children & families in our schools and parish communities, because national data suggests Latinos are both the fastest growing segment of the US Catholic Church and the most underserved by Catholic schools." - Archdiocese of Seattle