Join Our Network of Friends

You’re invited to join our Network of Friends which introduces the Vincentian Spirit of Friendship in action.

Inspired by our founders, the purpose of the Network of Friends campaign is to continue our mission work – staying dedicated to bringing hope to people of all cultures and traditions in neighborhoods throughout Seattle and King County.

Our mission of compassion and care can be demonstrated through our “Listening is Loving” video, which shows how friendship, joy and listening can be the most impactful way of showing someone you care.

"Listening is Loving" refers to how Vincentians (conference-based volunteers) serve our neighbors in hope, by showing love through thoughtful and reflective listening; and by doing so, we all grow spiritually!

Click to watch our newest video which introduces the Vincentian Spirit of Friendship in action and the beauty of what binds us in our Vincentian Spirit!

Join our Network of Friends and be a part of a campaign dedicated to loving, listening, and helping neighbors in need!