Centro Rendu partners on King County Promise Initiative

St. Vincent de Paul Seattle-King County (SVdP) is excited to share that our Centro Rendu Program was selected as a community partner with the King County’s Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) in its King County Promise (KCP) initiative.

KCP is a public-private partnership engaging local K-12 school districts, Community Based Organizations (CBO), and Community and Technical Colleges (CTC). These entities will work together in partnership to implement a student support model, designed to provide postsecondary advising support to King County students of color, students who are first-generation, and students/youth who are impacted by poverty. Click here to learn more.

Centro Rendu of SVdP is part of the Promise to Community Partnership (PtC) which is one of only two partnerships selected for this funding award. Click here to read the full announcement. Partners in the KCP demonstrate the ability to implement equitable advising strategies to serve historically underserved youth of color and other prioritized populations.

SVdP’s Executive Director, Mirya Muñoz-Roach is encouraged by this opportunity, which has been a long-time in the making. A lot of work and effort – as well as partnership and relationship building -- have occurred throughout the past several years. Systems change is needed to ensure a brighter future for our youth. SVdP/Centro Rendu’s partnership with Renton Technical College, Northwest Education Access, and the Congolese Integration Network along with the funding support from the KCP initiative, will allow SVdP to continue growing relationships and partnerships with other members of the BIPOC community. Working alongside diverse communities with common interests will help strengthen partnerships in our shared work towards systems change.

“We are stronger together,” says Munoz-Roach, “When we fund initiatives led by the community, we can learn better what is working, what is not working, and how to improve our systems to ensure real and positive impacts." She adds: "We must take the necessary risks to create change that leads to better outcomes for our most disadvantaged youth. This vision of equity is in alignment with the mission of SVdP since its foundation."