We will help you find enriching volunteer work, and engage with the community to help neighbors change their lives.

Volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul is a special and unique experience. We know from hundreds of thousands of adult volunteer experiences (in St. Vincent de Paul groups in Seattle and around the U.S.) that our mission work provides tangible value, deep purpose, and meaning for adults. We offer a number of significant benefits to folks interested in volunteering with us, including:

Enrich Your Life by Giving–Volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul is all about giving and seeing the fruits of your labor, with benefits and value provided to our struggling neighbors. Giving is an enriching, exciting, and diverse set of experiences.

Variety Helps Create New Meaning for Volunteers–In this case, our variety truly is the spice of life. Volunteers are truly the heart and soul of our organization. We have many, many volunteer opportunities.

Important volunteer opportunities include:

Helpline Volunteer WorkThe Helpline Center serves as the “front door” for people who are in need of assistance. We need volunteers to handle calls now! This is a very important part of our work and we need your help! We manage about 40,000 calls annually from various neighborhoods throughout the Seattle and King County area. The Helpline Center connects those in need with our neighborhood volunteer groups (or “Conferences”). Our Conferences follow up with the individual or family with a home visit.

Volunteer Vincentians–Working with Our Conferences: Our 50 plus neighborhood groups all over Seattle and King County are robust gatherings of people who want to serve and make a difference in our communities. The groups meet several times a month, make home visits to help neighbors, raise funds to help struggling neighbors, organize efforts to manage chapter activities and enjoy social and group activities.

Food Bank–We have a team of staff, volunteers, and service providers specifically charged with engaging neighbors at the SVdP Georgetown Food Bank as they come to get food on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Check this out and consider volunteering with this special team!

Store Volunteers–One of our volunteers summed up our St. Vincent de Paul volunteer experience this way: “I have come to appreciate the importance and value of not only giving back but also of staying active, alive if you will. I have learned a lot and giving back makes me complete. St. Vincent de Paul is a wonderful opportunity to give, serve, and learn. I am thankful.”

If you need or want more information about volunteering with us or if you would like to get together to discuss St. Vincent de Paul, click here to go to our volunteer portal on this website. You can also email us at giving@svdpseattle.org