Love is Inventive to Infinity…

Dear Friends,

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for your support these past 12 months! Without your generosity, SVdP would have struggled to maintain families housed, safe, and enjoying a bit of peace, hope, and joy, in the midst of such hard realities.

This time last year, we asked you to STAND with us, and you DID! Together we did amazing things to serve our neighbors. Like Yanin, a young mother in our De Colores Early Learning Program, who thanks to your generosity, received counseling and guidance and the skills needed to ensure a heathy start for her babies.

Together we gave away thousands of diapers to low income families and immigrant mothers!

Your generosity also helped Mark who regularly visits our Georgetown Foodbank in Seattle. Mark received essential items like food and clothing; and, on cold nights finds refuge under the eaves of our front porch.

Without your generosity year after year, it would be hard to keep the lights on and help our most vulnerable families meet basic needs. “Love is Inventive to Infinity” means that SVdP will always find a way to respond!

As we approach this holiday season and settle into winter, we ask that you remember our neighbors who count on your generosity to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, dry, clean clothes on their children, and the warmth of hope and love delivered by our staff and volunteers daily to families experiencing isolation.

I am asking you to thoughtfully consider a donation to SVdP before the end of the year. Your generosity will help neighbors like Mark and mothers like Yanin in real tangible ways, while also lifting their hopes this Holiday Season and throughout the year.

With gratitude,

Mirya Muñoz-Roach, Executive Director  & Mary Jo Shannon, Board President