Our St. Vincent de Paul organization—St. Vinnies in Australia, is helping victims of the devastating fires with clothing, food and cash donations to help families!

Not many people know it but St. Vincent de Paul is an international organization. We are on the ground in over 150 countries around the world helping neighbors with all kinds of charitable support. We have been operating for 186 years and we have 800,000 volunteer members actively helping neighbors stay safe and secure in their homes, have food to eat, medicine and much, much more. Additionally, many of our groups in various countries are very active in disaster support helping families with basic needs.

As reported in the Seattle Times: “Its bush fire appeal designates how far specific financial amounts can go, and brings home the reality of how the disaster has upended the lives of the dispossessed: 50 Australian dollars (about $35) can provide food for a displaced family; AU$150 ($105) can help stave off bills; and AU$300 ($208) can help clothe a fleeing family that had to leave behind their belongings.

The fastest and more reliable way to donate is through this link that connects directly to St. Vinnies Bushfire Appeal in Australia:

Link to Bushfire Appeal