We Did It! Together We Raised $400,000

The Story of Douglas: A Trusting Soul in the Hands of St. Vincent de Paul

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Thank you for your generosity! Donations of $500 or more will be matched thanks to some very generous and compassionate donors!


Our annual Blue Dress Breakfast scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, 2020, has been cancelled to support public health efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The Blue Dress Breakfast helps us raise vital dollars for our mission and we’re still in need of your support.

In many ways our work at SVdP is more precious and more vital than ever. There are no definite answers to the dozens of questions that come to us daily; but what we know for certain is that our neighbors need us now more than ever!

SVdP’s Helpline Call Center is experiencing an increase of 20% on top of the annual 40,000 calls per year. We are doing our best to keep our heads above water in responding, but we need your financial support now and into the future.

Now more than ever, we need your support to help our neighbors in distress, who are lonely, hungry, desperately wondering how their livelihood will continue to be affected by their loss of income. Our mission seems more precious and vital – please stand with us in this time of great need!

Blue Dress Breakfast Videos

This video is from Father Steve Sundborg, President of Seattle University and a great supporter of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP).

First Video:

Here is a link to a video from Executive Director, Mirya Munoz-Roach. We encourage you to watch the video, and read the rest of the information on this page. Now more than ever we need your support!

Second Video:

This video features Mary Sweeney, Holy Rosary Parishioner and SVdP Board member, talking about “life as a Vincentian volunteer” and how her life has been enriched through working as a volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul.

Third Video:

This video features our Sr. Manager for Mission Renewal and Community Engagement, Hannah Hunthausen. She reviews the vibrancy and strength of our volunteer network all over Seattle and King County.

Fourth Video:

Please enjoy this video of our Catholic School volunteers explaining why they love St. Vincent de Paul!

Jacquie Veneziani - BDB CHAIR
Theresa Gallant - 2020 Development Chair and Jennifer Wood - 2020 Development Co-Chair

Thank you to the SVdP Blue Dress Breakfast Individual Sponsors!

Jacquie Veneziani & Prof. Claus Portner, Pat & Melissa Kennedy, Charlie & Eleanor Pollnow, Steve & Tricia Trainer, Ed & Edie Wartelle, Theresa Gallant & Ed Bulchis, Pat & Mary Welch, Susan Wyckoff, Joe & Terri Gaffney, Suzie Burke, Jeanne Berwick & John Degel, Samuel Kennedy, Mark Busto & Maureen Lee, Tracy & Tom Read, Mr.& Mrs. Mike Ford, Russell & Corinne Hagen, Anonymous

Thank You Corporate Sponsors for Your Support!

We believe your company will benefit from investing in St. Vincent de Paul. Let us tell your story as we recognize event sponsors on our online and social media platforms!

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Table Captain Duties! Thank You for Your Support!

Table Captains:

If you are, or have been, a table captain at our Blue Dress Breakfast fundraising event, we would like to ask you to please continue reaching out to those you know to support SVdP during this critical time.

What is a Virtual Table Captain?

  • A Virtual Table Captain donates to SVdP and encourages others do the same!
  • A Virtual Table Captain helps SVdP reach its 2020 BDB goal of raising $450,000 by April 29th, 2020 !
  • A Virtual Table Captain commits to “ensuring that at least 8-10 people visit and donate using the link below or by sending a check to SVdP by mail!
  • A Virtual Table Captain is intentional about sharing information with others regarding the work, mission, and impact of SVdP across King County.

To track your attendees and the amount they pledge download the Table Captain Fund Tracker.

Thank you for continuing to support the Blue Dress Breakfast!

Questions regarding Blue Dress Breakfast cancelation or donations, please contact Jim McFarland at 206-686-5287 or email  bluedress@svdpseattle.org

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