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We Carry New Mattresses

St. Vincent de Paul for Mattresses

When you’re tired of getting sticker shock at mattress stores, come visit St. Vincent de Paul. We have BRAND NEW MATTRESSES at our Burien, Kent and Kenmore stores.

Comfort & Low Prices

Our mattress prices start at $130. Our most expensive mattress is only $245 (Queen). New bedsprings, frames and linens. 

We Don't Accept Mattress Donations

We do not accept mattresses as donations because of the obvious health concerns over bed bugs and various illnesses.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Sound Sleep, our mattress vendor, makes our mattresses here in Western Washington. They utilize superior raw materials combined with state of the art design. This means you will get outstanding quality, ensuring years of use and lasting comfort.

Innovative Product Design

The Sound Sleep team of engineers and designers are constantly developing exciting products such as the earth friendly Eco-Pad, the patented Sta-Fresh® air channels, patent pending Contour Correct Support System and industry leading PureGel™. All of these technologically advanced features are built into our mattresses to benefit you---so you get a great night’s sleep.  


Traditional mattress manufacturing practices generate lots of waste. Sound Sleep’s manufacturing process is 95% efficient in eliminating waste through smart technology and innovative repurposing of materials. When you buy from us, you are getting a mattress that is good for the environment!