Success stories that make us smile


We’re grateful to support all our Neighbors. And we’re especially grateful when we can help a Neighbor avoid becoming unhoused and all the hardships and trauma associated with that. Mary is a recent example of this. She had lived in Seattle decades ago but had moved to the Midwest for several years. Mary recently moved back to be closer to her son. Her son was paying for her housing while she was waiting to start a new job. Sadly, shortly after she moved, her son was in an accident that required long-term hospitalization. Mary called St. Vincent de Paul’s Helpline seeking assistance to get her through until her new job started, and we were able to help her secure short-term housing. After Mary got her first paycheck, she called her Case Manager to thank SVdP and inquire about becoming a volunteer. Mary is a great example of whom we help and support. She wanted to help herself as much as we wanted to help her. Mary and her Case Manger are still working together on long-term housing options. Success stories like these make us smile. SVdP’s could always use more volunteers to help our Neighbors like Mary. Learn more here.  #SvDPSeattle #dogood #neighbors #grateful  

*Name has been changed to protect the Neighbor’s privacy.