What the census is. How it works. Why you count.

Who gets my information?

Only the Census Bureau. It’s illegal for the Census Bureau to share household information with any other agency, including ICE or other law enforcement.

Is there a citizenship question on the Census questionnaire?

No—the census has NO question about citizenship or immigration status.

When is the census happening?

Starting March 12, we will all receive letters in the mail about the census. From March 21 through July, you can complete it online. I don’t have access to a computer, can I complete the census any other way? You can also complete it over the phone (844-330-2020) or with a paper form. If you have questions, there are organizations like St. Vincent de Paul in the community who will provide help to anyone who needs it, including seniors, immigrants, and people experiencing homelessness.

What happens if I don’t complete the census?

If you don’t complete the census by early May, a census worker will come to your door to help you complete it. You’ll know they’re official because they’ll have a census worker badge.

Do I have to pay money to take part?

No! The Census Bureau and its staff will never ask you for money or for bank account information, social security number, or a political donation. If anyone asks you for money related to the census, they are trying to take advantage of you with a scam.