We can help you reconnect, find enriching volunteer work, renew your spirit, and engage with the community to help neighbors change their lives.

There are two significant times of transition in our lives when volunteering, giving back, and serving can offer a genuine sense of renewal. Those times are when we become empty nesters and when we move into retirement.

Becoming an empty nester can be a time when many parents experience sadness---and with good reason. The sense of emptiness that creeps in when your children leave the nest can be profound and distressing.

The same is true for many workers when they retire. The years and years of routine, the work life, connections, friendships, and feedback about performance all slip away and are gone when you retire.

Our recommendation for empty nesters and retirees is simple: Volunteer with St. Vincent de Paul. We know from hundreds of thousands of adult volunteer experiences (in St. Vincent de Paul groups in Seattle and around the U.S.) that our mission work provides tangible value, deep purpose, and meaning for adults who are now empty nesters or who have retired from the daily grind of the workplace.

One of our volunteers summed up the volunteer experience this way: “As I get older, I have come to appreciate the importance and value of not only giving back but also of staying active, alive if you will. I have learned a lot and giving back makes me complete. St. Vincent de Paul is a wonderful opportunity to give, serve, and learn. I am thankful.”

St. Vincent de Paul will help you reconnect, find enriching volunteer work, and engage with the community to help neighbors change their lives.

Our program offers meaningful engagement, interesting assignments, and visible outcomes that reinforce the ideas of purpose and value for both empty nesters and retirees. We offer volunteer opportunities that create a renewed and revitalized spirit of self-worth and a single-minded commitment toward making a real difference in the lives of others. We offer a place to enrich your lives by direct service to our neighbors.

Contact St. Vincent de Paul and We Will Get You Involved!

If you need or want more information about volunteering with us or if you would like to get together to discuss volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul, go to our volunteer portal on the front page of this site or email us at volunteer@svdpseattle.org