SVdP Partnership with Catholic Schools

The Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) in the Archdiocese of Seattle and St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle King County (SVdP) have formed a partnership to advance Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle and position them as accessible and welcoming to Latino/Hispanic families as well as strengthen the Latino/ Hispanic – Catholic School relationship in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

The entity leading the program for St. Vincent de Paul is Centro Rendu, a special program initiated in 2013 that exists to protect, support, and defend Latino immigrant families through education, social services, and leadership development that empowers and strengthens healthier communities and future generations.

Centro Rendu takes its name from Blessed Rosalie Rendu, a daughter of Charity, who was a leading worker, teacher, organizer and advocate for justice and for adequate care of her brothers and sisters living in poverty during the Industrial Revolution in 19th-century Paris.

SVdP will liaison with Missions Office and Maryknoll to coordinate opportunities to advance the Missionary Discipleship Institute (MDI) initiatives and adapt MDI resources to advance the Catholic identity mission. The partners agreed that all Catholic school communities are included and invited to participate in the SVdP/OCS partnership, including those with whom the OCS has already established a Parent Ambassador Model Program (PAM Program).

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