Relive Blue Dress Breakfast 2017

Our Fourth Annual Blue Dress Breakfast was held on May 3, 2017.  Our generous donors gave over $310,000 to this event, which focused on preventing homelessness. The hour-long breakfast event included a lively and energetic fashion show that showcased clothing available at our stores. The models were students volunteering from Holy Names Academy, St. Joseph Seattle and O’Dea High School in Seattle. Staff from our thrift stores also volunteered in the fashion show. 

We also featured an inspiring and heartfelt video presentation about a young mother, Leah, and her son Rylan. They had been homeless for several years and, thanks to our generous donors, are now in a stable housing situation.

Leah’s Story Video

Our Executive Director, Ned Delmore, summed up our campaign for the event like this:

“St. Vincent de Paul believes that the best antidote to reducing homelessness is preventing people from becoming homeless.” (read his breakfast remarks here)

Every year, our 800 St. Vincent volunteers in 50 neighborhoods in King County are able to help someone on the verge of eviction by donating that extra $300 or $400 needed to pay rent. This support keeps thousands of families and individuals from ending up in a shelter or on the streets.

Last year we helped over 4,000 people avoid becoming homeless. According to research, the cost to taxpayers can be as much as $50,000 or more a year when someone is living on the streets. What is more cost effective?  And more importantly, what is more humane?

We encourage you to watch the video and share it with family, friends, business colleagues and community connections.

By donating to St. Vincent de Paul, you can directly help people with rental assistance and other critical needs, keeping them in housing and off the streets. We are hopeful you will consider making this very special gift to support our unique effort in preventing homelessness.

Thank you for supporting your neighbors and the work of St. Vincent de Paul!

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If you prefer to write and mail a check, please make it payable to:

Blue Dress Breakfast
St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle | King County
5950 4th Ave South
Seattle, WA 98108