Mural Painting Needs Funding Help!

Artists A Gaul Culley and Staci Adman are doing their magic. The painting continues on day 20 or so (May 24, 2016). The depth of the detail in the project is starting to be be clear in incredible detail. Look at this photo, this is only half of the mural. We will be  updating throughout the summer. The mural, according to the artists, is getting lots of reaction. Passersby in cars takl to the artists and express their support, volunteers off to come help paint. The artists, in addition to painting, have been raising funds int he Kenmore community, but they tell us they are $6,000 under their forecast. If you are interested in donating to this project, please email

This mural project involves creating a 188 foot long painted mural on the West Wall of Panel for Brochure Front Comp 3-22-16Mural Panel One--The Starting Pointthe St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Kenmore, WA. The Kenmore-St. Vincent Mural celebrates and tells the story of the cultural history of Kenmore.  Our hope is that the mural will deepen the community’s sense of place. We also hope it will contribute to Kenmore’s 20-year vision of “a community that is inclusive and family friendly, with a small town feeling that fosters a sense of belonging and pride and supports local arts, culture and history.



Mural Painting 5-24-16