Wanted: Men's Clothing

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We Need Your Help

Periodically we will alert you to our need for certain non-perishable food items, clothing, household goods, medical supplies and other non-cash donations for the poor. We always have an acute shortage of men’s clothing and shoes, so please “clean your closets” and help us with those items if it is at all possible. In addition to men’s  clothing, we also need diapers, baby supplies and personal hygiene supplies.

We Need Men’s Clothing

Finding men’s clothing is always a challenge for organizations working with the poor. We could really use your help in developing sources for securing men’s clothing. If you have “men’s clothing in your closet,” please bring it to any of our five thrift stores, our Fourth Avenue South Seattle food Bank or our central Council office.And if you have good ideas for promotions to interest men in helping us, let us know.

Moms Need Diapers

For most moms, getting diapers is not a big issue. But for poor moms, the costs are literally staggering. And unfortunately sometimes the choice between food for the family or diapers is the reality that confronts many of the people with whom we work. So please help us and donate diapers to St. Vincent de Paul.

We Always Need Personal Hygiene Supplies

This is not something many of us would really think about, but like diapers, the poor and suffering don’t have easy access to shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant and other personal hygiene supplies. Occasionally, we have received some help from local hotel staff and other motivated volunteers. However, we really need a firm and steady source for personal hygiene supplies. To help please email us at giving@svdpseattle.org

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