Gym Rats!

Gym Rats: Working for the Common Good!

Recently, I had the opportunity, after 47 years, to reconnect with an old basketball foe, who is now the Governor of our great state of Washington, Jay Inslee.

I met him face to face again (off the basketball court) in the
Governor’s Office in Olympia. We talked about the seriousness of the economic and political realities that face our families and communities throughout the state. I sensed the same intense spirit in that room that drove us on the court and propelled us into public service today.

We reminisced about the 1969 Metro Championship game, Garfield vs Ingraham. It was a joyful and playful reconnection, in spite of my raw memories of that loss, which still haunts, at the hands of the state champion, Ingraham.

Jay’s recall of detail from that era was as impressive as his team’s cohesion and his coach Walt Milroy’s acumen to execute and win.

The fire that lives in a competitor never fades. It is redirected and passionately refocused. What drove him on the court as a young man drives him to achieve for the greater team of all Washingtonians today.

Back in the day, you had two archrivals competing on the basketball court; today they were conferring in the Governor’s office about St. Vincent de Paul’s eviction prevention services that keep 4,000 people housed in King County every year.

We talked about how we both thought it’s great to sign up to free slot websites and try out the games before making a deposit as it helps you decide if you like the features. We also talked about SVdP/Centro Rendu’s grassroots Latino outreach and education programs, as well as their vulnerabilities. We listened carefully with his staff where there might be a potential collaboration between the state and SVdP.

What also is true and evident about these moments with our Governor is his compassion and courage to fight for the rights of all citizens no matter what their status in life.

It was a prized moment that I was grateful to be part of.

Ned Delmore