A Letter to Our Brothers and Sisters

St. Vincent de Paul welcomes the stranger, our neighbor, children, and families who have been directly targeted because of the color of their skin, their religion, and the manner in which they speak.

Photo Above
A volunteer student and neighbor of St. Vincent de Paul is shown above serving families and her community. She is sharing bread with a young boy at our Centro Rendu office in Kent. We are the people we serve.

We are responding to those who find themselves being watched, stalked, and stranded in desolation. Individuals and families who have been excluded and suffer the daily trauma of carrying in their
heads and hearts the message that you don’t belong and your days are numbered as they wait for the knock on their door. 

We call on the words of Pope Francis who summons us to protect and defend the dignity of every human person, especially the poor and the vulnerable. Further, he states that authentic power resides in service as we embrace the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest and the least important. 

St. Vincent de Paul has a deep history and tradition of recognizing the face of the poor and loving them for who they are. We are bread for each other and we extend our hands to you from Centro Rendu in our Kent and Renton stores as well as our Georgetown Food Bank as a safe space, a refuge where we will listen, hear and respond with compassion and dignity. 

We value you as our brothers and sisters. 

Ned Delmore
Executive Director
SVdP Seattle